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UKEAS Nigeria - Port Harcourt Office

45 Stadium Road, Port harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria
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UKEAS is an education consultancy which provides free and impartial counseling and application services to international students wishing to study at high schools, colleges and universities in the United Kingdom. The Organization was founded in Taiwan in 1993, and since then has helped thousands of students to study in the UK. The organization has grown considerably and now has offices in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Ghana and Nigeria, as well as a base in the UK. UKEAS has accrued a great deal of experience in assisting students to meet their study abroad goals. Our counsellors are professionals and well versed in all aspects of the UK education system and we have built up a strong relationship and reputation amongst the UK institutions. UKEAS insists on offering professional, impartial, comprehensive and friendly advice to all students and continuously strives to improve the services we offer to both students and partner institutions.




UKEAS is the official representative of British universities in Nigeria and Ghana, which means that we are able to provide free, comprehensive and impartial service to any Nigerian or Ghanaian student who has interest in British education. We can help you with every aspect of your application, from helping you choose the most suitable university, making sure your application will give you the best chance of getting accepted, right the way through ensuring that your time in the UK is a happy and successful one, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your dreams of studying in UK.

Counseling service

The UK has some of the best universities and the most dynamic courses in the world, but with so many great options available, how do you choose which one is right for you? UKEAS counselors are highly trained and experienced, and are standing by to help you make an informed decision on the institution to enroll with.

Application service

With a vast number of students applying for a limited number of places in British universities, ensuring that your application documents are fulfilling their potential is of huge importance. Application document such as your study plan, resume , research plan, reference letters and portfolio can make the crucial difference as to whether you are accepted or not. The team at UKEAS will give you detailed advice including how to structure the application documents.

Online Application Portal

Simply complete one form on our UKEAS website and give us your supporting documents and we will complete all your application for you. You will be kept up to date of all acknowledgements from the university and after you have applied, you can track your application status online on UKEAS website 24 hours a day.

Secured English Language Test ( SELT)

UKEAS provides information about SELT preparation. Speak with us at UKEAS to find out more about the options available to you such as pre-sessional English courses, etc.

Pre-Departure Briefing (PDB)

When a student is ready to go overseas, they can take advantage of our thorough pre-departure briefing and preparation course to help them adapt and enjoy the life in the UK. We will give them a PDB booklet full of important and useful information, ISIC cards as well as many other useful items.

Meeting With Institution Representatives

UKEAS arranges hundreds of university visit every year. We also have many application seminars and arrange education fairs that allow students meet with the representatives face to face and ask about any aspect of overseas study plans.

Accommodation Arrangement

No matter the institution you choose to attend. UKEAS will do our best to help you find suitable accommodation in the UK and can introduce both institution and private accommodation. In fact, UKEAS cooperate with UNITE, the largest private student accommodation provider in the UK, to provide high quality accommodation for international students.

On-Line Registration

If you can’t get one of our UKEAS offices, don’t worry! Simply contact us and once we have registered you as a UKEAS member, we can then help you and deal with your case using the internet. This allows you to take full advantage of all our UKEAS services.

Passport, Visa & Travel Services

UKEAS provides advice on visa applications. We are always on top of recent news as updated by the United Kingdom boarder Agency (UKBA). With this and our quality experience in the industry, you can be sure of a student visa at first application. In addition we can advise on Tuberculosis screening and based on your institution, the option of UK intentional Airports as well as international airlines you could consider.

A Full Range Of Supporting Services

Our services don’t stop after you get to the UK. UKEAS offers continuous support through our UK office. If you run into any problems, they can give you instant help


Every UKEAS student receives an E-bulletin every month including useful information on study abroad in the UK such as introductions to universities, takes of UK life, news about upcoming visits, etc. being a member of the UKEAS community means that you are always up to date!

Offices Facilities


UKEAS officers are all well equipped with up to date information and students can use the library and computers for free. We are always here to help you!

Who can we help?

UKEAS Nigeria - Port Harcourt Office can help students in the following countries:

gh flagGhana
ng flagNigeria
Services we offer

UKEAS Nigeria - Port Harcourt Office offers the following services to students who want to study abroad:

Course Selection
Country Selection
University Selection
Visa Assistance
Application Assistance
Accommodation Assistance
Pre - Departure Briefing
In Country Assistance
University Correspondence
Scholarship Assistance
School Types

UKEAS Nigeria - Port Harcourt Office can help students apply to the following types of schools:

Language School
High School
Our address:
45 Stadium Road, Port harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria

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