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Study in Belgium

Studying in Belgium gives you a chance to live in the heart of the European Union, experiencing a unique intersection of Germanic and Latin cultures. With its beautiful architecture, fascinating history, and global connections, Belgium is an exciting and cosmopolitan place to study. Belgian food is well worth a try, especially the Frieten or French fries, which actually originate from Belgium. You can also enjoy various other delicious dishes such as waffles, fish soup and moules frites, offering a one-of-a-kind culinary opportunity.

Belgium is a multicultural country with three native languages - French, German and Flemish (Dutch).

If you’re living on a low budget, you may be eligible for a scholarship or an exemption from tuition fees; otherwise tuition fees can vary depending on region. You can rent a bike for free in some cities, making biking an enjoyable pasttime when you study in Belgium. Trains are also an affordable and efficient mode of travel, as the Belgian train system is one of the best in Europe and fares are relatively low.

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