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Study in Costa Rica

Study abroad in Costa Rica and gain access to the gateway to Latin America! Bounded on one side by the Pacific Ocean and on the other side by the Caribbean Ocean, Costa Rica prides itself on its 100-year tradition of democracy and peace - it’s home to the UN-mandated University for Peace.

Costa Rican universities are especially known for environmental sciences, botany and biology. As a student you’ll be able to attend inexpensive art performances as well as theatrical productions and street festivals, displaying the full spectrum of Costa Rican cultural expression. In San José, the Costa Rican capital, you can learn about Costa Rica’s indigenous and colonial past in its museums and historical spots while immersing yourself in vibrant urban life, from its contemporary galleries to its restaurants and bars.

Costa Rica is renowned as an ecological hotspot and you’ll find plentiful natural beauty during your stay there, from its volcanoes to its butterfly gardens. You can seek out new adventures by taking part in white-water rafting or reef-break surfing, making Costa Rica an unforgettable experience.

Universities in Costa Rica
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