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Study in Greece

Study abroad in Greece to experience the birthplace of academia and Western civilization!

With low fees, a beautiful Mediterranean climate and highly reputed universities, Greece offers exciting opportunities for international students. 

Greece’s higher education system is split into two sectors: universities and technological institutes. Greek universities have begun offering a growing number of full undergraduate and master’s programs in English, increasing their accessiblity to international students. They also boast modern facilities and highly qualified instructors, and you’re sure to receive a world class education in a Greek institution.

Eateries in large cities such as Athens and Thessaloniki often cater to students by offering affordable prices, giving you a chance to sample delectable Greek cuisine. Greek people are friendly and welcoming with a high degree of English fluency, and the lively social life in Greek universities provides you with an opportunity to mingle and experience Greek culture. You can expand your social circle at student parties or go to bouzouki (nightclubs with live Greek music) with other students - there’s no shortage of entertainment in Greek cities!

Universities in Greece
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