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Study in Indonesia

Study in Indonesia to discover the endless wonders this vibrant country has to offer!

The largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia straddles the equator and is home to nearly 250 million people and over 300 languages. Its low costs, high quality and fun, friendly society are drawing increasing numbers of students from overseas. Universities are prepared to help international students adjust: if you need help assimilating into Indonesian life, your university will assign a pendamping, or an English-speaking guide who will help you navigate your new surroundings. Indonesia’s climate is sure to contribute to your distinctive experience, as it only has two seasons: dry and wet!

Indonesia is known for excellence in the region of Southeast Asia: its capital city Jakarta is the largest in the region, and its universities are some of the most renowned and well-known.

Indonesia’s high degree of ethnic diversity originates from its unique and layered history, from its past as a Dutch colony to the many migrant workers that bring aspects of their own culture to the country. Comprised of over 1,400 islands, Indonesia contains myriad fascinating cultures that are sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

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