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Study in Italy

Study abroad in Italy to discover a hotspot for culture and chic! The birthplace of the mighty Roman Empire, Italy is home to the Western world’s oldest universities and its culture is famous for its passion and vibrancy.

You’ll find multiple student-friendly cities in Italy including Bologna and Pisa, home of the iconic leaning tower. The multicultural student bodies of Italian universities will provide you with a lively social circle, and you can immerse yourself in Italian culture through a multitude of events, from carnivals to parties. Italy’s comprehensive railway system makes it easy to travel from Italy’s bustling cities to its stunning beaches, offering you a wide variety of leisure activities.

With 44 UNESCO World Heritage sites, the highest number in the world, Italy teems with iconic architecture and cultural hotspots. Its capital city Rome is both ancient and modern, with historic sites such as the Colosseum side by side with cosmopolitan bars and clubs. Italy’s colorful and varied regional cultures are also worth exploring as each region has its own unique and delectable cuisine - food will be an integral part of your Italy experience!

Italy is an unmissable cultural experience, and your stay there is sure to be filled with unforgettable sights and tastes!

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