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Study abroad in Japan to experience the unique culture of the world’s third largest economy! 

With four main islands, Japan has a varied landscape that includes large cities, snow-covered mountains and beautiful beaches. Don’t miss the internationally famed Cherry Blossom Festival, where Japan’s astounding natural beauty is displayed in its delicately beautiful cherry blossoms.

Japanese culture is strongly rooted in traditional values and closely interwoven with religion, with rigid social etiquette and hierarchies that can initially appear indecipherable to foreigners. However, you can easily find etiquette guides that will allow you to gradually adjust to societal mores. Japan’s unique history and culture gave rise to a wealth of cultural and religious landmarks, from temples and shrines to samurai and geisha districts that allow you to witness preserved aspects of traditional Japanese culture. 

In recent decades, Japan has evolved to become one of the world’s leading technology developers as well as a pop culture hub. Japanese manga (comics) and anime (animated television shows and movies) are popular worldwide, with cult followings from a multitude of countries. The technological innovation generated by Japanese developers has also changed the face of the technology industry, from Nintendo’s iconic games to the contributions of brands such as Sony and Fuji.

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