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Study abroad in Luxembourg to discover a small country with a big heart!

A tiny country at the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is big on academic quality. Courses are taught in many languages, offering you the opportunity to develop your fluency in other languages, and international students are welcome.

Luxembourg has long been an important part of Europe - it was a founding member of the European Union and it is home to some of Europe’s most important institutions, including the European Court of Justice. Luxembourg was previously named the European Capital of Culture, and you’ll find it overflowing with artifacts of its rich cultural heritage.

Luxembourg’s culture is a fusion of different European cultures, uniting different aspects of Romantic and Germanic Europe. Its cultural influences can be seen in its cuisine, which blends French and German influences in a unique mix that has made Luxembourg delicacies worthy of international recognition.

Not only does Luxembourg excel in culinary and cultural areas, its economy is also one of the world’s wealthiest. It boasts the world’s highest GDP per capita, as well as an enviably high standard of living that has attracted students from all over the world. The high degree of multiculturalism in Luxembourg’s student body is sure to intrigue you, so give this fascinating country a chance!

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