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Study in Montenegro

Study abroad in Montenegro to discover its unique combination of cultures!

Nestled in the Mediterranean, this melting pot of Christian, Byzantine, Muslim, Turkish, Illyrian, and Slav civilizations may be an unusual option, but low costs and a welcoming atmosphere make Montenegro worth considering as a study abroad destination.

Montenegro boasts a high literacy rate and high quality education; its higher education system recently underwent considerable improvements and reforms. The Montenegrin government regularly collaborates with other countries, including Finland and the United States, to improve its higher education system - you’ll receive a high class education in Montenegro!

Montenegro’s stunning natural beauty can be seen in its four national parks, where you can discover the many charms of its mountains and coastal regions, as well as engage in outdoors activites such as hiking or rafting. Despite Montenegro’s small size, there’s no shortage of new experiences waiting for you there - don’t miss out!

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