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Study abroad in Malta to discover the hidden gem of the Mediterranean!

It’s easy to see why Malta has long been a popular destination for English language learners and university students alike; its Mediterranean culture and climate as well as its excellent universities are sure to steal your heart.

Technology-related courses are popular in Maltese higher education, and IT or engineering students might find studying in Malta particularly rewarding. The Maltese education system is based on that of the United Kingdom, meaning that you’ll receive a world class education when you study in Malta.

Malta is a peaceful, stable country with free healthcare - an excellent place for those looking for a safe and fun study experience. English is one of Malta’s official languages (the other is Maltese), making daily life in Malta more accessible to you.

Malta has a rich history despite its small size, demonstrated in its myriad historical sites and monuments (which include nine UNESCO World Heritage sites). Malta’s many attractions also include its stunning landscape, which encompasses beaches, lagoons and charming towns. Furthermore, Malta’s popularity as a tourist destination has led to the development of a thriving and vibrant nightlife. No matter the time of day, there’s no shortage of things to do!

Students from over 92 different countries are studying in Malta - why not join them?

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