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Study in Mexico

Study abroad in sunny Mexico to discover a country of distinct and varied history and culture!

Latin America’s second largest economy is also home to many of its best universities. Seeing past outdated stereotypes of Mexico will allow you to experience its unique mix of modernity and tradition, displayed in its vibrant culture. Home to no less than 31 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Mexico has a fascinating history that encompasses the ancient Mayan empire and the entry of Spanish conquistadors.

Mexico’s authentic, unforgettable cuisine is sure to enrich your stay, as will its lively music scene, which blends traditional Mariachi music with modern influences. Mexico’s laid back, carefree atmosphere is unlike any other country, allowing you to immerse yourself in Mexico’s unique rhythm.

Mexico City, the Mexican capital, is an exuberant and dynamic city that will provide you with a unique urban experience. In your downtime, you can explore Mexico’s many stunning beaches or other features of its varied landscape, from its desert to its ancient Mayan ruins. Studying in Mexico will be a moving experience for any student - an unmissable opportunity for discovery and adventure!

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