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Study abroad in Oman to discover this small Middle Eastern jewel!

Whilst Oman is a strictly Islamic country, it has seen significant development over the last 50 years and boasts excellent infrastructure and outward looking universities. Most university courses are taught in English, increasing the accessibility of your Oman university experience.

Oman may be small, but its population is ethnically diverse, with cultural influences from Africa and Britain as a result of its rich history. Although Oman is less famous than its well-known neighbours Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, it attracts large numbers of international students - you’ll find a multicultural community of students just like you!

Oman’s living costs are considerably lower than those of other Middle Eastern countries, contributing to its popularity as a study abroad destination. Another contributing factor is its reputation as one of the world’s most peaceful countries, as it offers the chance to experience Arab culture for yourself in a moderate and safe environment.

You’ll most likely study in Muscat, the Omani capital. A major trade hub in medieval times, it boasts beautiful historical architecture as well as a number of specialty museums. Omani locals are hospitable and friendly, and your stay will be a rewarding experience of a new and unique culture.

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