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Study in Pakistan

Study in Pakistan to discover the world’s sixth most populous nation!

A deeply traditional and religious country, Pakistan is now taking steps to attract international students, especially overseas Pakistanis. Although more than 60 languages are spoken in Pakistan, all university courses are taught in English, making your study experience much easier and much more accessible.

Pakistan boasts a wide range of high caliber universities, and increased government investment in education in recent years has led to an improvement in the quality of Pakistani higher education. Courses related to science, technology and engineering are particularly popular; if you’re interested in any of those subjects, Pakistan is a viable choice!

Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are some of Pakistan’s most prominent cities.

Islamabad, the nation’s capital, boasts its most advanced universities as well as some of the lowest crime rates. Due to its large migrant population, it is a unique melting pot of different cultures.

Karachi is a thriving megacity known as “the city of lights”. Known for its liberal outlook and ranked as one of the world’s least expensive cities, it’s a colorful and endlessly fascinating metropolis that offers a wide array of leisure activities both day and night.

Lahore boasts a rich and storied millennium-long history. Its unique culture is a blend of South Asian, Middle Eastern and Western influences; it can be seen in Lahore’s lively festivals, as well as its delectable cuisine and flourishing art scenes.

Pakistan is a characterful country with a strong, rapidly growing economy. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn more about it!

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