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Study in Poland

Study abroad in Poland to experience a unique blend of Eastern and Western culture, in a country where traditional folklore and modern art intertwine to create a one-of-a-kind cultural experience! Located in Central Europe, Poland had a historical role as a crossroads between the East and the West, resulting in its rich and varied culture. Polish modern art, which draws heavily on traditional influences, is highly regarded internationally. 

In Poland, you’ll be able to attend a multitude of film, theatre and music festivals, further testimony to the distinctiveness of Polish culture. Polish education has an equally rich history - the oldest Polish universities date back to the Middle Ages, and education is given great weighting in Polish culture. 

Poland’s growing economy and international outlook make it an increasingly popular study abroad destination; its low tuition fees also make its universities an appealing option. Polish universities are especially known for their courses on information technology, astronomy, and chemistry. Living costs in Poland are much less expensive than other European Union countries, and it’s easy for students to find part-time jobs during their studies. You can also shop for fresh fruit and vegetables at local markets, an affordable and healthy option. 

In your downtime you can explore Poland’s primeval forests or relax by the Baltic Sea, as Poland’s varied landscape allows for a multitude of outdoor activities and a multitude of adventures. Choosing Poland as your study abroad destination will provide you with a unique European experience, not to mention an internationally recognised degree.

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