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Study in Puerto Rico

Study abroad in Puerto Rico to discover the many attractions of this sunny island!

Composed of four islands in total, Puerto Rico has a rich cultural heritage and history that incorporates Spanish, indigenous and African influences. Its unique heritage can be seen in its multitude of museums and historical sites, making it the perfect destination if you’re interested in history or cultural studies. Puerto Rico’s cuisine has also benefited from its multicultural past. A unique fusion of diverse cultural influences, it’s unlike any other cuisine you’ve encountered!

Puerto Rico’s official languages are English and Spanish; its population is largely fluent in English due to Puerto Rico’s status as a territory of the United States. Therefore, the island is a good place to improve your fluency in Spanish without encountering language barriers.

The Puerto Rican capital San Juan boasts an array of picturesque Spanish colonial buildings as well as newer ones, blending both historical and modern influences seamlessly. You’ll be impressed by its strong art scene - San Juan is a city teeming with creativity and enthusiasm.

When studying in Puerto Rico, don’t forget to make some time for relaxing on one of its many beaches and enjoying its stunning Caribbean coastline scenery. In your free time, you can also explore Puerto Rico’s rainforests and marvel at its amazing biodiversity. Puerto Rico may be small, but don’t underestimate its ability to provide you with an eye-opening study experience!

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