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Study in Sweden to discover this unique Scandinavian culture! Students in Sweden are pushed to think independently, critically and creatively – it’s no wonder that this small European nation has long punched above its weight on the global stage. 

With its highly advanced economy and society, Sweden has long been a pillar of stability in the European Union. The birthplace of the Nobel Prize has a warm and open-minded culture, and you’re sure to feel welcome in highly diverse university towns such as Mälmo.

Swedish universities place strong emphasis on cooperation, meaning that you’ll gain valuable teamwork skills while studying in Sweden. Moreover Swedish master’s programs allow you to gain real-world experience while studying, providing you with a unique education that will allow you to excel in the workplace. International students are allowed to work while studying and may be eligible for some government funding, providing you with an affordable study option.

The Swedish policy of Allemansrätten gives citizens freedom to roam and enjoy nature, and you’re sure to appreciate Sweden’s varied landscape and stunning natural beauty. The fourth largest European country, Sweden’s geography includes lakes, beaches, valleys and forests (which cover 65% of the country). You’ll also find a wide range of athletic activities available to you in Sweden, including specialties such as Swedish rugby - sports and athletics are of great importance in Swedish culture.

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