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Study in South Africa

Studying abroad in South Africa gives you the chance to live on the southernmost tip of Africa, in the country known as the “rainbow nation”. Famed for its multiculturalism, South Africa has eleven official languages and a highly diverse population. It is rich in natural resources and its three main economic pillars are agriculture, mining, and manufacturing.

With a highly developed infrastructure and one of the most developed education systems in Africa, South Africa is an ideal place to indulge your adventurous side while receiving a world class education. With a varied landscape including mountains, forests, and deserts, this land of adventure and beauty offers a multitude of exciting leisure activities such as mountaineering and watersports. Its stunning natural beauty can be seen along its rugged coastline or in its numerous natural landmarks, such as the famed Table Mountain or Cape Point. You can also admire South Africa’s unparalleled biodiversity by exploring Kruger National Park, one of the world’s largest national park areas.

A modern, vibrant country with rich natural beauty and a fascinating history, South Africa is sure to captivate you!

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